What Separates Winners

Winners come from all walks of life as do losers. What separates winners from losers has nothing to do with where they grew up; winning has to do with what attitude grew inside them.

Unleash The Winner Within

People like to make bucket lists and wish lists and imagine the day they win the lottery but then stop at the dreaming phase. They have a million reasons why they don’t have what they want in life, and instead of taking action, they watch from the sidelines, angry that someone else is living their dream.

When Your Organization Needs A Empowering,Entertaining, and life changing Storyteller…Call Coach Winn. 

Empowering & entertaining

“You will laugh, cry, and take notes!”

“Powerful and inspiring.”
Volunteers of America

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“Easy to work with!”

“Energetic, Personal and Inspirational.”


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“I feel empowered to act and feel like a WINNER!”


Storyteller Extraodinaire

“She made me feel like I was IN the story.”

“Funny and engaging.”

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You have the choice to be your best ally or your worst enemy. Coach Winn guides you through her WIN Philosophy and WINNER Principles to help you align yourself with your inner winner.

Ruben Gonzales

Four-Time Olympian, Author of “The Courage to Succeed”

Coach Winn provides you with the best transformational leadership tools that teach you how to become a WINNER in all aspects of your life!

Izabela Lundberg

#1 International Best Selling Author

She inspires you to greater heights and motivates you to take massive action by giving you the necessary tools to push beyond your fears and realize your true potential.

Chris Warner

Actor, "Justified, Criminal Minds, No Country for Old Men"


award WINNING Speaker

“Some might call it a midlife crisis. I call it a midlife adjustment. Through all of my experiences, I have learned something that is very valuable that I can give to others.”



motivational Speaker

Sherry M. Winn is a 2X Olympian, an All-American basketball player and a national championship coach. She was a collegiate basketball coach for 23 years before turning her talents to writing, success coaching and motivational speaking.




Coach Winn’s “Unleash the Leader Within You” program is quickly becoming her #1 requested program for leadership conferences, retreats, and trainings. If you want your team members to value and respect you, then you learn the formula to value and respect others.

People are still talking about Coach Winn

Was such a fantastic opening keynote. One of the best I’ve ever seen.

Funny and empowering

She really understands how to motivate!

Motivational, Impactful, And High Energy

It was such a great honor to work with Sherry!

You are in good company

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