About Coach Winn


Coach Sherry Winn is an in-demand motivational speaker, a two-time Olympian, a national championship basketball coach, and an International Amazon Best Seller. She has written
five books including, “Unleash the Winner within You: A Success Game Plan for Business,
Leadership and Life.”

Thousands of individuals, from small business owners to athletic coaches to corporate executives, have enjoyed Coach Winn’s powerful interactive and humorous WINNING presentations.

If you love your audiences to be entertained, engaged, and empowered, then Coach Winn is
your speaker. Audiences rave about Coach Winn’s ability to enthusiastically deliver
messages woven into humorous stories, which transport your audiences from tears to belly
laughter, from doubt to certainty, and from “I don’t know” to “Let’s GO!”

The descriptor most audience members use to describe Coach Winn is “Inspiring.” Imagine
your team members being PUMPED UP by the National Coach of The Year.

Whatever challenges your team members are facing, Coach Winn motivates people to
believe in the power of WINNING mindsets. Known as the Ultimate Mental Push-Up Coach,
she will inspire your audience members to think like WINNERS!

Coach Winn doesn’t just talk like a WINNER, she lives like one. She has overcome
challenges that most people consider impossible:

1) From collegiate bench substitute to Two-Time Olympian;
2) From being terminated from her first coaching job to National Coach of The Year;
3) From suicidal thoughts to an in-demand motivational speaker.
4) From debilitating, chronic pain to hiking over 300 miles in one summer.

A recognized authority on leadership and team development, Coach Winn shares with you
the WINNER Principles which will enable you to rejuvenate, invigorate and stimulate you
and your team members to become agents of change.

Coach Winn is the originator of the WIN Philosophy ™ and the WINNER Principles ™, and is
known for her passion and belief system that ALL things are possible.




Coach Winn with Forbes Riley,

The 2$ Billion Dollar Spokeswoman, Creator of the SpinGym, and National Fitness Hall of Fam Inductee

Coach Winn with Kevin Harrington,

Inventor of the Infomercial, Original Shark on Shark Tank, and Pioneer of the “As Seen On TV” Industry

Coach Winn with John Assaraf,

Billionaire, Two-Times New York Times Bestseller, Builder of Five Multi-Million Dollar Companies, Expert in Neuroscience Based Mind Training

Coach Winn with Rudy Ruettiger,  the basis for the motion picture Rudy.

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