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(Mental health, alcohol, diversity)



Student-athletes are not immune to the challenges of everyday life. Your performance is directly related to the events that are occurring off the court. Your student-athletes’ ability to overcome negative life experiences builds self-confidence and empowers them to move from ordinary to extraordinary.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify the three essential keys to self-confidence.
  2. Generate greater acceptance of other people and therefore of yourself.
  3. Establish a daily routine which provides inner nourishment allowing you to feel the power of self-confidence.

(Keynote on Title IX, Consent)

Live and Love Like A WINNER:

Because There are No Shortcuts to Healthy Relationships

What most people fail to tell you about dating and relationships is that they are messy. Relationships without communication are set up for failure. How many times have you said, “Yes” because you didn’t know how to express what you really wanted? Have often have you allowed peer pressure to dictate your dating life? Your ability to communicate infuses you with self-confidence and power.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn five ways to say “NO” without sounding cruel.
  2. Understand the three most common reasons we say “Yes” when we want “No.”
  3. Discover the line between stalking and assertively going after your dream partner.

(Keynote, half day, or full day sessions on team building)

WIN or Lose is Something You Choose:

The SEVEN STAGES for Building Team Unity

The truth is that most student-athletes want to be on a team, A WINNING TEAM, but don’t know their place or role. Many student-athletes get stuck in the I-want-to-be-the-star mode and fail to comprehend how powerful their role on the team is. Teams cannot function without role players, and every role is essential to a championship program.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Generate more inclusiveness through the SECRET RECIPE for athletes to commit to a common goal.
  2. Unite through the FIVE most powerful phrases that nourish one another.
  3. Produce greater cohesiveness through the FIVE Magical Influence Phrases.

(Keynote or half day session on learning how to live as a champion)

THE WIN Philosophy:

Three Essential Ingredients for ANY Athlete

Some student-athletes think that winners are born, have special DNA or possess an incredible lucky streak. If you think that way, you will NEVER succeed in life. You have a chance every single day to make the most of who you are and to fulfill a life where winning is your nature

Learning Outcomes:

  • Nurture the TWO MOST POWERFUL words that turn challenges into opportunities.
  • Gain the secret RECEIPE to recover quickly from past mistakes.
  • Maximize your time so that you do more productive work in half the time.

(Keynote or half day session on learning how to live in THE WINNING ZONE)



Have you ever noticed that we are trained to live the status quo? If you look around and see that many students, staff, and athletes are okay with just doing the givens, the things we are supposed to do, then you might also recognize that being average gets you an average life. It is not okay to be average and think you will be phenomenal.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Utilize seven INNERWINNER exercises that provide strength to live in your genius.
  • Nourish the three characteristics that “YES” people share.
  • Generate more excitement around your dreams through this special technique.

(Keynote or half day session for coaches)

Mastering the Recruiting Pitch:

WINNING Secrets to Getting Championship Athletes

You already know the secret to winning basketball games—getting the best players. If you are tired of killing yourself recruiting only to have some other coach out recruit you, here is the remedy for WINNING your recruits.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Your FOUR most important persuasion words.
  2. The FIVE Powerful Words that Lead to More YESES.
  3. The SECRET recipe for closing the deal.