Overcoming Challenges

“It is difficult to hold a room for more than two hours, but your engaging content and presentation skills kept everybody focused, energized, and involved.”

Cheryl Terry, HR Director, Western Security Bank

Coach Winn WILL tailor the Message For Your Leaders and Team Members

As a leader, I understand the challenges of creating the optimal event, which is why I am here to assist you. My belief has always been that a team works better when they work together. For this event, I am your teammate and committed to making certain your event is a WINNER.

My role is to be your best supporter, providing you with the motivational message which will resonate with your audience.

To provide you with the entertainment and the message your team members want to hear, I will do a pre-game scouting report with you making certain I have the right game keys for success. As team members, I want this event to be a SLAM DUNK, so I will be there early and stay late to help you with anything you need.


A Made-For-Tv Movie That Was My Real Life


Your performance is directly related to the challenges that are happening outside your company or organization. Coach Winn shares her struggle with self-hatred which caused her to sink into suicidal thoughts and use alcohol as a means for self-medication.

Coach Winn’s ability to overcome the negative life experiences to exude self-confidence helps you and your team members see themselves in a positive light and empowers them to move from ordinary to extraordinary.

BENEFITS: Your team members will be able to:

  1. Identify the three essential keys to self-confidence.
  2. Generate greater acceptance of other people and therefore of themselves.
  3. Determine their THREE highest values and how to align values with work, life, and play.
  4. Utilize the one secret which lets stress go faster than ANY other method.
  5. Establish a daily routine which provides elevated poise.

Getting Beyond the Past to Live in The Present


Coach Winn shares with you her story of being sexually harassed by her Olympic coach and how daring to tell the truth got her shut out from her last career Olympic Game…yet how finally standing up for herself infused her with self-confidence and power. Learning to let go of the pain and the humiliation that occurred gave Coach Winn the power to become known as one of the best coaches in women’s basketball.

No matter what has occurred in your life, the past does have to infect your present situation. Learning to release the pain of past conflict and bad relationships.

BENEFITS: Your team members will be able to:

  1. Learn the magic secrets to mental toughness.
  2. Become more resilient when tough times occur.
  3. Utilize the foundational building blocks that create champions.
  4. Generate a higher vision that promotes unwavering enthusiasm.
  5. Determine a winning path through all obstacles.

Three Essential Ingredients for SUCCESS


Winning is not just about the scoreboard; it is about learning to win in love, laughter, and leadership. Some individuals think that winners are born, have special DNA, or possess an incredible lucky streak. If you think that way, you will NEVER succeed in life. You have a chance every single day to make the most of who you are and to fulfill a life where winning is your nature.

Coach Winn shares with you her secrets which helped her compete in two Olympics, coach a national championship team, and overcome 11 years of chronic pain.

BENEFITS: Your team members will be able to:

  1. Unleash their inner winners to gain confidence.
  2. Build a can-do attitude.
  3. View defeats as the first step to victory.
  4. Crush fear that is preventing success.
  5. Become the definition of persistence.

Entertaining, Empowering, and Engaging!

Depending on your needs, Coach Winn will alter her presentation so that your team members will receive the most benefits.

Coach Winn’s presentations are filled with stories about her ability to get beyond challenges, so that she could reach her goals of becoming a Two-Time Olympian, National Championship Coach, Award-Winning Speaker and Author. Coach Winn’s presentations give you the principles to reach your goals and move beyond the seemingly impossible.

Coach Winn has been able to transform herself from:

  1. Collegiate bench warmer to Two-Time Olympian.
  2. Debilitating chronic pain to hiking over 300 miles in one summer.
  3. Being fired from her first coaching job to National Coach of The Year.
  4. Dark depression and suicidal thoughts to Award Winning Author and Speaker.
Her transformational WINNING principles are the same ones she shares with you, your leadership team, and team members.

For Coach Winn to become an Olympian, National Championship Coach, and overcome chronic pain, she had to:

  • Alter her thinking from what-if-down to what-if-up thinking.
  • Develop the WIN Philosophy which took her to the top.
  • Lead teams to a WINNING belief system.
  • Build championship programs with diverse people.
  • Unlock pressure to perform at her best.
  • Sell recruits on her championship philosophy; and
  • Become tough in the face of mammoth challenges.

Coach Winn achieved success in spite of:

  • Not playing the Olympic Sport of team handball until 19 years old.
  • Being a bench warmer during her freshmen year of college ball.
  • 17 Medical Professionals diagnosing a no-win scenario with her chronic pain.
  • Severe depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • Being fired from her first coaching job.
Coach Winn doesn’t just talk about winning; she shows you how to become a winner. Craig Duswalt

Creator of the Rock Star System for Success

Coach Winn shows your leaders and team members how to:

  • Navigate Success.
  • Identify and overcome their limiting beliefs.
  • Become tough in the face of challenges, so they can win their goals.
  • Work together to create championship teams.
  • Become WINNING leaders.

Coach Winn inspires you to move through your limiting beliefs. She teaches you, your leadership team, and team members to do the mental push-ups necessary to move from excuses to accomplishments.

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