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From Tailspin to Olympian:

The Made-For-TV-Movie That Was My Real Life!

“The WIN Philosophy and the WINNER Principles connect you with the force you were meant to be and allow you to become your greatest achievement.”

Joe Theismann,

Super Bowl Champion, NFL Man of the Year, NFL Football Analyst & Featured in the Blockbuster Movie The Blindside





There are speakers and there are coaches.

Speakers tell a story.

Coaches inspire you to move through your stories.


If you’ve harbored self-doubts or thought, even for a moment, that you couldn’t achieve a dream,  you are not alone.

Most people allow fear of failure to dominate their drive to succeed. Most people stop six inches from success.

The number one opponent that you will face in your life is not outside of you, it IS YOU!
If you dare to erase that belief, so that you live the life of an achiever rather than an excuse maker, you NEED the power of the WINNER Principles.



Your Team Members Will Receive These Benefits:

  1. Identify the three essential keys to self-confidence.
  2. Generate greater acceptance of other people and therefore of yourself.
  3. Determine your THREE highest values and how to align values with work, life, and play.
  4. Utilize the one secret which lets stress go faster than ANY other method.
  5. Establish a daily routine which provides inner nourishment allowing you to feel the power of self-confidence.

“Your storytelling kept everybody engaged and transfixed.”


“Excellent motivator! One of the best I’ve ever seen!”

Christine Carscadden, Western Union

Unleash The Winner Within You!


It is time to Unleash the WINNER inside your team members.

Are you ready to leave behind old ways of thinking which have tied your hands to mediocrity?

Imagine your team members being COACHED by a National Championship Coach and Two-Time Olympian!

Some speakers talk a good game…but most speakers have NEVER coached a great game.

Coaches extract your potential. They DEMAND excellence. They PUMP YOU UP so you know you will WIN in life.

Don’t worry about your audience members looking at their cell phones or talking during Coach Winn’s presentation, they will be too busy completing the mental push-ups needed to unleash their inner winners.


  1. Define the KEY ingredient to success as success applies to them.
  2. Utilize the FOUNDATIONAL BUILDING BLOCKS of nurturing relationships between themselves and others.
  3. Nurture the TWO MOST POWERFUL words that turn challenges into opportunities.
  4. Gain the secret RECIPE to recover quickly from past mistakes.


“Coach Winn is super motivational. I loved her personal stories that made the content come to life.”

Susan Lavering, Sarens

“I loved your presentation so much that I went through the entire Winning Playbook that night with my husband.”

Trisha Glen, Job Service Employee Committee

“Your “WINN”ing presentation was entertaining, animated, and engaging.”

Christian Moreau, HRD Engineering

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