Why Coach Winn

Give Your Audience and Experience They Will Never Forget



You get a leader with 34 years of elite leadership experience who provides you with proven methods not theories

Coach Winn learned early in her coaching career that to have great leaders on the team, you must teach leadership skills. Coach Winn shares with your leaders the same methods she taught her team members to win a National Championship, Ten National Tournament Appearances, and two Elite Eight Appearances.

Your leaders will gain clarity in their leadership skills allowing them to step into their roles with complete confidence. A confident leader well versed in assertive communication skills will increase happiness, motivation, and productivity.

Your leadership seminar gives essential tools to any aspiring leader who wants to build a winning team.

---Jeff Holsinger

Volunteers of America


You get an amazing Tailspin to Olympian story packed with a powerful message

Coach Winn is a storyteller extraordinaire who gets audience members to feel they are a part of the story.

When your team members feel the story, they are 90% more likely to positively act.

Your audience will be entertained, engaged, and empowered. They will walk away with tools and techniques that they can apply immediately both at work and in their personal lives.

Not only was your “WINN”ing message thought-provoking and inspiring but your story-telling kept everyone engaged and transfixed.

---Gwen John



You get an EXPERIENCED speaker with over 2,500 hours of live presentations

Coach Winn has a diverse experience speaking to all types of audiences including high schools, colleges, nonprofits, organizations, and companies. Her message, always tailored to the specific audience, hits home every time!

She has twice been named one of the best trainers in the United States by the #1 training company for training individuals, teams, and organizations.

Coach Winn was interactive, engaging, and thorough. I was very impressed with her thoroughness to ensure she was meeting and exceeding the audience expectations.

---Rebecca Morgan

Society for Human Resource Management



Her books have been endorsed by Brian Tracy, the Best Selling Author of over 70 Books!

This is a tremendous book, full of great ideas for inspiration and education that you can apply immediately for greater success in every area of life.

---Brian Tracy


You get a COACH who understands the essence of team building

Imagine your team members being coached by a National Championship Coach and a Two-Time Olympian! Some speakers talk a good game…but most speakers have NEVER coached a great game.

Coach Winn extracts your teams’ potential. She demands excellence. She pumps up your team so that you will WIN your goals. She pushes your team to do the mental push-ups necessary to succeed.

It is clearly evident that our team has taken your message to heart, and we are a much more positive, cohesive unit.

---Mark Ketchum

Big Timber Schools

You are in good company

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Entertaining, Empowering, and Engaging!