Winning Leadership Principles: The Seven Keys to Team Building

Do you know the seven qualities of team building that create winning teams?

Most leadership speakers and trainers focus on how to create a better supervisor, manager, president, team captain or CEO. How many seminars, educational sessions or keynote speeches are focused on being a great team member?

As a former collegiate basketball coach, I know one thing for certain: if you have too many people trying to lead and nobody willing to follow, you have a recipe for failure.

When you have four or five people on a team wanting to be THE ONE—the one who is the point guard, the one who gets the most shots, the one who gets her name in the newspaper—your team will not win very many games. Granted, you won’t win very many games if you don’t have a great leader, but a winning team requires the perfect combination to win championships.

The recipe for champions holds true for companies and organizations too. If you want to win in productivity, profit, customer service, and sales, you’ve got to have the perfect team.

Success is based on your ability to teach the top seven team building characteristics. Your team members should be:

  1. Committed to the success of the team, group, company, or organization.
  2. Flexible and adaptable.
  3. Active listeners. They know how to ask questions, listen, and provide valuable insight.
  4. Focus on what is best for the team through compromise.
  5. Look for creative methods to solve challenges.
  6. Able to take a back seat when necessary without losing self-confidence.
  7. Take risks, step outside their comfort zones, and always give more than is expected.

To be a WINNING team leader, you exhibit the skills of a great team player. To be a phenomenal team player, you control your ego and have confidence that even if you are NOT THE ONE, you are still an IMPORTANT ONE.

“Team players are the people who can check their ego at the door while still keeping their confidence they are compelling members of the team.”